Buy Discount With Free Shipping HUNOL Bar Stool Stretch Seat Covers Round,Flax Barstool Cushion Secure Payment

HUNOL Bar Stool Stretch Seat Covers Round,Flax Barstool Cushion
HUNOL Bar Stool Stretch Seat Covers Round,Flax Barstool Cushion


Product description

Size:2Piece  |  Color:M


Elastic stretch chair seat cover,Provide a nice look for round or oval chairs,Suitable for home decoration.

Made of flax,Machine washable,Easy to clean.

Protect your furniture and chair cushions from stains Pet damage and hair damage.

Can be stretched to fit the length and width 40 cm 15.5 Inch chair.

For dining chair Wedding banquet Hotel chair Bar stool get together Office etc..

Package includes:

2 4 6 Piece chair seat cover(Does not include the back cover)


Due to the difference in lighting and screen settings,The color of the product may be slightly different from the picture.

Due to different manual measurements,Please allow slight size differences.

UC against COVID-19

Buy Discount With Free Shipping HUNOL Bar Stool Stretch Seat Covers Round,Flax Barstool Cushion Secure Payment

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Buy Discount With Free Shipping HUNOL Bar Stool Stretch Seat Covers Round,Flax Barstool Cushion Secure Payment

Movies TV => Studio Specials => Warner Home Video Buy Discount With Free Shipping HUNOL Bar Stool Stretch Seat Covers Round,Flax Barstool Cushion Secure Payment If you're expecting a revisionist, unflattering portrait of George Herman 'Babe' Ruth, you won't find it in "Babe Ruth - The Life Behind the Legend"! With interviews of writers and fans who knew the Babe, and a lot of film footage and still photos from throughout his short (he died at just 53) but amazing life, the film honestly acknowledges his flaws (he missed two months of the 1925 season with syphilis), but reminds viewers that for each fault, he was capable of incredible kindness, as well. He was, ultimately, a big kid, blessed with extraordinary gifts, and this documentary made me wish I'd met him!While Ruth's baseball years are very well known, most films short-change the events not involving the sport, but happily, this film is an exception. From his troubled childhood, as the incorrigible son of a barkeep who 'gave up' on him, dumping him into a church-run orphanage, to his bittersweet post-baseball life (being denied his dream of managing, and watching cancer destroy his vitality, and ultimately, his life), the film is the most complete biography I've seen."Babe Ruth - The Life Behind the Legend" is a terrific addition to any sports fan's collection! 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But no one can deny that on the field, he set standards that are still admired today. Sixty plus years since his passing, the Babe still knocks them out of the park!Great footage and interviews. A must for any Babe Ruth fanGreat doc about the Babe. Has some really cool film clips that you probably haven't seen before. Check it out if you're into baseball history!For those of us who who grew up and still feel the Babe as mythical, this is great DVD coverage of the player who proved unbelievable as a human being. Coverages of games and warm ups attempt to bring the seriousness of the organized game since it was still a time when baseball was fun and fantasy. Yet the babe made it look so easy. 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Babe Ruth: The Life Behind the Legend tells the story of the actual man--from his benevolent acts of charity to his mass consumption (of food and women). Exploring the difference between reality and myth, this touching, subtle biography goes beyond rational explanations into a metaphysical realm that defines the actions and popularity of this man as something not entirely comprehensible. You won't care whether he really did "call" that shot in the 1932 World Series or if he went straight from an all-night bender to go 3 for 4 against Chicago; it won't matter, because the reality eventually dilutes the myth. The facts speak for themselves: he won 90 games as a pitcher, had a lifetime average of .340, smashed his way to 714 home runs (often recording more homers in one season than entire teams). Ruth was greatness personified, "and to just be with him in a stadium, was like having some of that magic rub off on you." 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