Max 87% OFF Noyy 13" Cat Tree Tower with Linen Circular Ring, Small Cats & K Max 65% OFF

Noyy 13" Cat Tree Tower with Linen Circular Ring, Small Cats & K
Noyy 13


Product description

This cat tower is simple design, even mini, and easy to install. It's designed for small cats and kittens, only 2 pounds. But however, it also owns toys and sisal post, which are necessary units for cat tower.

1. Simple design, and easy to install
2. It's perfect for small cat and kittens
3. The surface is covered with flax and sisal, which are natural plants
4. Two toys, each has a bell, stimulate cat's interest
5. Guide your cat to use scratching post, not the furniture

1. Brand: Noyy
2. Material: Particle Board, Linen, Sisal
3. Color: Beige brown
4. Overall Size: (7.9 x 7.9 x 12.6)" / (20 x 20 x 32)cm (L x W x H)
5. Diameter of the Ring: 8.3" / 21CM
6. Weight: 2LB / 0.9kg

Package Includes:"span"
1 x Base Board
1 x Scratching Post
1 x Linen Circular Ring
2 x Toys
1 x Installation Instruction

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Max 87% OFF Noyy 13" Cat Tree Tower with Linen Circular Ring, Small Cats & K Max 65% OFF

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Max 87% OFF Noyy 13" Cat Tree Tower with Linen Circular Ring, Small Cats & K Max 65% OFF

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Max 87% OFF Noyy 13" Cat Tree Tower with Linen Circular Ring, Small Cats & K Max 65% OFF
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