USA Cheap Online Hijet Kada/Kara- Wonderful Rudraksha OM Trishul Lord Shiva Lord Sale Outlet Online

Hijet Kada/Kara- Wonderful Rudraksha OM Trishul Lord Shiva Lord
Hijet Kada/Kara- Wonderful Rudraksha OM Trishul Lord Shiva Lord


Product description

Brand: HiJet

Product Name: Hijet Hijet Wonderful Rudraksha OM Trishul Lord Shiva Lord Ganesha Mahakal Om Shiv Lathers Cuff Bracelet For Men's Or Boys(Free Size Bracelet)

Material"span": Golden ,Silver,Lather


Dimension"span": Free Size Cuff Bracelet With Adjustable Size


"span"This Adjustable Bracelet(Or As Propularly Known Shiv Bhakt Kada)Is The Best Gift For Boyfriends Husband Friends Fit All Men's Or Boys.It Is Use Easily And Soft Edges Does Not Hurt. Easy To Wear


wearing kada is a Hindu religious tradition and Hinduism is a majority religion in India. I think wearing This kada is exclusive only to All..Because wearing kada is a Hindu religious tradition and Hinduism is a majority religion in India..


The Kada is the symbol of concealment and courtesy. Punjabi Kada is the symbol that they are linked with the supreme power. Some Sikh or Punjabi believe that this Kada is a symbol of bondage as a slave to God. This reminds them that they are living and working under the super divine power

The basic kada is a simple unadorned iron bracelet, but other forms exist. The kara originated as a protective ring to guard the sword arm of the Khalsa warriors during battle when fighting armed with swords.

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USA Cheap Online Hijet Kada/Kara- Wonderful Rudraksha OM Trishul Lord Shiva Lord Sale Outlet Online

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USA Cheap Online Hijet Kada/Kara- Wonderful Rudraksha OM Trishul Lord Shiva Lord Sale Outlet Online

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USA Cheap Online Hijet Kada/Kara- Wonderful Rudraksha OM Trishul Lord Shiva Lord Sale Outlet Online
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