Shop Clearance Airhead Bolt Life Jacket, Large/X-Large Discount Shop Sale

Airhead Bolt Life Jacket, Large/X-Large
Airhead Bolt Life Jacket, Large/X-Large


Product description

Zip and zoom through the water safely in our universal Bolt Life Jacket for children and adults. Featuring side release buckles that snap open and closed with ease, this jacket is easy to take on and off in a pinch. The close-sided life jacket design offers a snug and secure fit that's comfortable but won't budge when you're hitting the wake. Water lovers of all ages will enjoy the speed-inspired graphic design, which will stand out on the water. Don't miss your chance to get one of the best U.S. Coast Guard approved, Type III life jackets there is.

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Shop Clearance Airhead Bolt Life Jacket, Large/X-Large Discount Shop Sale

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Shop Clearance Airhead Bolt Life Jacket, Large/X-Large Discount Shop Sale

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Shop Clearance Airhead Bolt Life Jacket, Large/X-Large Discount Shop Sale
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